Deanna (deethelurker) wrote in duranfansintl,


Hello and welcome to not just another Duran Duran-centric LJ Community but rather a Duran Duran-centric LJ Community With A Difference -- this community is for the more serious fan. Not the absolutely fanatical, not the people who believe in crush-centered delusions, but rather people who are wild about Duran Duran's music, who wish to discuss it and the band at length, who are intelligent and mature and who have grown past the whole teenage magazine idea. I know a lot of you guys out there would kill anyone at all who had one bad thing to say about the band's crticial import or musical abilities, and I know it'd be next-to-impossible to overlook the stupid things the band has done in the past and will possibly do in the future, so this is dedicated to those people who know that the band does make mistakes, but that they still remain just about the greatest band in the world.

Thanks and welcome on board, all you takers.

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